What's open and closed on Veterans Day 2023

Veterans Day 2023 honors active and former American service members. Typically, the federal holiday is observed on November 11th. However, as this year the day falls on a Saturday, some people will observe it on Friday, November 10th.

Here’s what is open and closed on Veterans Day 2023 and the day when some people will celebrate it.


  • The Federal Reserve Banks will remain open on Friday, but the Board of Governors will not be working.
  • Bank of America and Wells Fargo will operate normally on Friday and remain closed on Saturday. JPMorgan Chase stated that its branches will operate from 9 AM to 5 PM on Friday and will be closed on Saturday. TD Bank will be closed on Saturday. Citibank mentioned that it is usually open on Friday and closed on Saturday, but customers are advised to check online for specific branch hours.

As always, customers can use ATMs or online banking services.

Stock Exchanges:

  • The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ will have regular business hours on Friday.”

Delivery Services:

  • UPS will operate normally on Saturday. The day before Senior Citizens Day, on Friday, FedEx will operate as usual, except for modified services for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground Economy. On Saturday, FedEx, FedEx Ground, FedEx Ground Economy, and FedEx Freight will be closed. All other services will remain open.
  • The United States Postal Service (USPS) stated that it will conduct regular business at post offices on Friday but will close them on Saturday. There will be no mail distribution or retail services on Saturday.”

Government Services:

Most government institutions, including DMV and local libraries, will consider Friday as a holiday. Make sure to check whether your local services are open on that day or not.”


Major retail stores such as Target, Walmart, Kroger, and other grocery chains will remain open on both Friday and Saturday. Verify with local stores and retailers for alternative hours.”

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