Watch North West Rap with Her Dad Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign in Their Latest Video

North West, who is the daughter of Kanye West, has surprised fans by rapping in a new music video with her father.

The song is part of his new album “Vultures,” which is split into three parts and is due out on February 9.

Showing maturity beyond her years, North stars alongside her father in the video, directed by Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo Brothers.

She is dressed in black like her famous father and says in her song, “It’s your bestie. Miss, Miss Westie.” Don’t try to test me. It’s gonna get messy. Just bless me.

Kanye West announced his new music video on his Instagram, leading people to expect that his new album will be a big musical event.

But, while preparing for his new album, West has had trouble booking his own concerts. He took to his Instagram to express his dismay and hinted at the possibility of it being related to his controversial statements.

He has specifically stated that he has had difficulty securing venues and has compared his situation to that of Elvis Presley.

He stated in a video that the only venue he has booked for a concert is the United Center in his hometown of Chicago.

He has said that despite selling out the arena in seven minutes, he has faced a major problem in his efforts to book the concert and has appealed for help.

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