Vogue Director’s Subtle Dig at Megan Thee Stallion Amidst Nicki Minaj Controversy

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Sergio is making efforts to clarify his remarks, expressing his admiration for both Nicki and Megan. He mentioned that his comments made during Minaj’s IG Live that were “taken the wrong way.” He emphasized that it was not his intention to ridicule Megan and extended his apologies to anyone who might have felt offended reported by TMZ.

Nicki Minaj finds an unexpected supporter in her feud with Megan Thee Stallion – the entertainment director of Vogue.

To give you some context, Nicki responded via Instagram Live on Friday, retaliating after Megan appeared to throw shade at Nicki and her spouse, Kenneth Petty, in her latest song “Hiss.”

The video attracted a multitude of comments, one of which was from Sergio Kletnoy. Not only does he have a substantial social media following of nearly 60k, but he also holds the position of Entertainment Director at Vogue.

Sergio Kletnoy’s responsibilities include arranging all celebrity interviews and photoshoots for the magazine and its video franchises. Essentially, he is the primary liaison for celebrities collaborating with Vogue. Given his role, his remarks about Megan, who is a victim of a shooting incident, are quite controversial and sensitive.

We’ve noticed a sequence of foot emojis, which are evidently referring to Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting incident involving Tory Lanez. This was followed by a comment saying, “Not ‘fragment foot’ lol not even a whole foot lol?” During the session, Nicki Minaj referred to Megan as a “bullet fragment foot bitch”.

An intriguing aspect of these comments is that Nicki Minaj graced the cover of Vogue just a couple of months ago. Given Kletnoy’s role, it’s likely that he was instrumental in arranging this. Additionally, Nicki and Kletnoy have been photographed together, further highlighting their professional connection.

As we’ve mentioned before, the two artists have been engaged in a dispute since the launch of the song “Hiss”. During this feud, Nicki even made a distasteful joke about Megan’s mother, who sadly passed away in 2019.

We’ve tried to get a response from Vogue regarding this matter, but we haven’t received any feedback yet.

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