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On Wednesday, ahead of the meeting between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco, a video showing Chinese flags waving on the streets has sparked sharp reactions.

Xi and Biden are holding their first in-person meeting in a year during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. The meeting is seen as an important step to restore normal communication between the United States and China and prevent the escalation of rivalry between the two countries.

During the meeting between Biden and Xi, there is a possibility of discussing various issues such as Taiwan, China’s economy, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, and the war between Russia and Ukraine. Newsweek has reached out to the White House via email for comments.

The video showing Chinese flags waving on the streets has gained attention on social media in connection with the arrival of the Chinese President. In the video, several people can be seen watching the procession of Xi with Chinese flags.

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User Matt Wallace also shared a video of the Chinese president’s arrival and compared it to Biden’s arrival, saying, “Shameful footage!”

Meanwhile, social commentator and co-host of “Bob and Eric Save America,” Eric Matheny, took aim at the Chinese president, saying, “Xi Jinping was involved in leaving biological weapons around the world, and this warm welcome by the Biden administration is disturbing.”

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