Toni Storm vs Deonna Purrazzo A Fiery Showdown in AEW

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Deonna Purrazzo has officially joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and she’s already making waves in the championship scene. She’s set her sights on the AEW Women’s World Championship, currently held by the formidable Toni Storm. In a recent face-off, the two discussed their past friendship, but the conversation quickly spiraled into chaos. Storm, known for her boldness, launched into a fiery promo that included Storm threatening to twist Deonna’s lips after saying she was booked for a Nuru massage. You can check out the full promo in the video below

Storm stopped Purrazzo, saying,”Yes I will speak first Renee, I have a Nuru massage booked for 11. Deonna, I believe you were recently body-shamed, which I think is ridiculous… because there’s so much more to shame about you. Yes, we do have history, but that doesn’t mean you can just waltz in here and use our past friendship to get yourself a Title shot. I have had many friends, and all of them less talented than me.”

After complimenting Purrazzo, Storm made a shocking threat against her “You may be the greatest technical wrestler in the world today, but let me make one thing clear,” Storm said. “If you step into that ring with me, I will twist your lips so hard you will need an epidural!”

Purrazzo appeared shocked, remarking that this was not the Toni Storm she used to know.”This is insane. This is insane. I didn’t come to AEW to make friends. I came to be the AEW Women’s World Champion. It just so happens Toni that the Champion used to be my friend. But I have no problem earning a Title opportunity and winning arm by arm. You see this, this isn’t the Toni Storm that I want to wrestle. This delusional sham,” Purrazzo said.

“I want to wrestle the Toni Storm that lived on Dojo floors with me. I want the Toni Storm that moved to America and lived in my house,” Purrazzo stated.”That Toni Storm was arguably one of the best in the world, and that Toni Storm, is the one I want to beat for the AEW Women’s World Championship. So Toni I’m begging you, begging you please dig down deep and find that version of yourself, and if you need any further reminder, take a look at your ankle, because I’m sure as hell it looks a lot like mine.”

Purrazzo surprised everyone by revealing a tattoo identical to Storm’s on her leg. Storm was visibly upset by this revelation, and even Mariah May seemed shocked.
Storm then said, “You know what Deonna, you can take your little tattoo and blow it right out of your bumhole!”

The situation escalated when Storm hurled a shoe at Purrazzo, who retaliated by attacking Storm and targeting her arm. May intervened, pulling Storm away, but not before Purrazzo landed a solid kick on Luther. In the ensuing chaos, Storm left her title behind as she retreated backstage, leaving Purrazzo to hold it aloft, perhaps foreshadowing future events.

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