Tom Holland Denies Zendaya Breakup Rumors As He said “No, Absolutely Not.”

Tom Holland is addressing all those rumors about him and Zendaya, and he’s saying that it’s not true at all… issuing an outright denial to the notion they’ve split.

The ‘Spider-Man’ star was out and about on Friday in L.A, walking down an alley with a pal as they made their way to Tom’s parked car… and a photog was anticipated to chat him up about all the breakup buzz.

Dude tried congratulating Tom on a new ‘Back to the Future’ gig — which isn’t real, BTW — but then finally asked the obvious question … are y’all broken up or not? Tom says “No, absolutely not.” He doesn’t say more, but that’s as straight forward as he can get on this matter.

Of course, this follows what many people saw as warning signs in the last few weeks — including Zendaya unfollowing everyone (Tom too) … and the fact that Tom and Zendaya have not been seen together in public for months.

Zendaya was also out on Friday, driving around — Culver City with her brother, Austin. It’s not clear if they bought anything, but they looked happy as they left and went back to their car, with Zen driving again.

Zendaya and Austin

Zendaya and Austin were also seen on Wednesday — driving in the city and doing their own stuff … alone. It’s okay when you’re in a relationship, but just to let you know she was with her brother, and Tom was out in WeHo that night.

A few days later, and they’re still apart, but now … Tom’s saying they’re still a pair.

Honestly, there’s no clear evidence that they broke up, anyway — in fact, we heard from people who know them well that they were together on NYE. The fact that they haven’t been seen together in public lately doesn’t mean they’re over.

It just shows that they’re independent people –plus, Zendaya and Tom are notoriously private as it is … so this might be normal for them.

Anyway, fans of Zom (or Tondaya, as we call them) must be glad to know this. Your favorite Gen-Z couple’s going strong, according to Tom.

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