Taylor Swift took a 12-hour flight on her private jet to see Travis Kelce play in the Super Bowl After her Tokyo Era tour

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Taylor Swift is getting a one-way ticket to Vegas.

Taylor Swift took off on her private jetfor a 12-hour flightafter finishing a show on her Tokyo Eras Tour to attend the Super Bowl. Can see Travis Kelce play.

According to the Associated Press, about an hour after Taylor’s show ended, reporters saw minivans arrive at Haneida Airport where “someone went inside the gate area as four to five people carrying large black umbrellas obstructed the view of the person.”.

Taylor must travel against time as she travels through multiple time zones to get to Vegas.


During Super Bowl LVIII, Taylor is expected to sit in the VIP suite, which is paid for by her beau, her parents, brother and his girlfriend and With Kelis’ parents, brother and sister-in-law.

TMZ reports that she is bringing along some friends, though it is unclear who will be with her.

The 34-year-old Grammy winner is expected to land in Sin City by 5:30 p.m. local time, Saturday and the Kansas City Chiefs star, 34-year-old, and his team before taking on the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday approx. Keeps 24 hour time.

Kelce – who is reportedly worth $30 million – has previously joked about how much he is spending to cover the big game.

“I’m not really doing much different other than just counting how much money I’m spending on this damn Super Bowl for family and friends to come,” Travis told his brother, Jason Kelce, in Thursday’s episode of their “New Heights” podcast.

“Just making sure I’m on top of those finances and losing all this money,” he quipped.

Taylor Swift has made it to a lot of tough games, but due to his busy schedule he’s only been to one of her concerts.

However, after Sunday’s game, Travis will have plenty of free time to travel during the offseason, according to his mother, Donna Kelce .

“A lot of us are doing a lot of different things … I realize there’s going to be some traveling, and maybe some podcasts or what have you in Philadelphia,” she told PEOPLE, per Travis K. Referring to the “New Heights” podcast he co-hosts with his brother Jason Kelce.

In December, two-time Super Bowl champion Travis booked rooms at luxury hotels in France and Italy and made reservations at some of the country’s finest restaurants for his and Taylor Swift to enjoy.

An insider close to the athlete — who went public with the Grammy winner in September — told the outlet, “He booked some really nice hotel suites and tables at great restaurants. Done so they can take him on vacation.”

“He wants to take her to romantic places to relax and explore these nice cities and European romantic spots together.”

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