Taylor Swift jumping off the jet after landing in Los Angeles

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After getting off the plane, Taylor Swift stepped onto the ground in Los Angeles. His team tried to hide it, but we’re pretty sure that’s what we all know.

She drives around in an SUV, covered by a light blue umbrella. His team has caught him, but we’re pretty sure that’s what we all know.

Taylor Swift drives around in an SUV, covered by a light blue umbrell

She appears from under the SUV’s canopy, and her motorbike shines in the lights. Her destination is still unknown, but it is clear that she is heading to her Beau Hills mansion.

4:00 PM PT — As Taylor’s plane landed in Los Angeles, people were watching live streams from far and wide. L.A. The Flights YouTube channel documented her landing, as she came down the taxiway and headed for LAX’s private hangar.

Not clear if anyone has landed yet, but everyone is waiting for shots of him exiting the airport. We should note that the scene at LAX is crawling with police and extra security.

The fact that the jet’s windows were all closed when it approached the runway for landing was one noteworthy feature. If TayTay’s on there, seems she didn’t wanna be seen.

It’s unclear if anyone has exited the jet yet, but everyone is anticipating images of her eventually walking out of the airport, providing she doesn’t stop to refuel. Everybody is observing.

It’s important to notice that there are a ton of police officers and additional security at LAX. It seems like a large person is in town, and most people think that person is none other than the Princess of Pop {Taylor Swift}.

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