Taylor Swift High-Fives Chiefs fans from her box seat window during the game in support of her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift was having fun with the other fans!

The singer, who has won 12 Grammys and is 34 years old, was seen talking to some people who were watching the Kansas City Chiefs play the Miami Dolphins on Saturday.

It was very cold, below zero degrees, and it was one of the coldest games ever in the NFL. But Swift was smiling and saying hi to some Chiefs fans while she watched the game.

She was wearing a warm outfit and the “Anti-Hero” singer high-fived some people from her window in the luxury box. One person had a jacket that said “Swift” and “89,” which was about Swift’s year and album name.

Taylor Swift interacts with fans at the Chiefs-Dolphins game. PHOTO: Jamie Squire/Getty

Swift high-fived people with her right hand that had a red glove on, which matched her red puffer jacket that had “Kelce” and his “87” number on it.

She cheered for the Chiefs with her boyfriend’s mom, Donna Kelce, during the game. The pop star was seen moving and singing with the crowd when they started singing in the fourth quarter.

Taylor Swift cheers alongside Donna Kelce. PHOTO: Jamie Squire/Getty

This is Swift’s 10th time attending a Chiefs game this season, with the team has won 6 and lost 3 when she was in the crowd.

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