Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Honeymoon Vibes at Super Bowl After-Parties

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce look like a high school couple experiencing their first love. Their chemistry was palpable at the Super Bowl after-parties in Las Vegas.

Nitish Kannan, a film producer who mingled with the duo in Sin City, joined “TMZ Live” on Monday shared insights on the joyous celebration following the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory. Hollywood’s “it” couple certainly knows how to steal the spotlight.

After the game, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce kicked off the postgame celebrations with an exclusive gathering at Zouk within Resorts World Las Vegas. Later, they continued the festivities at XS in the Wynn. Amidst the music and laughter, the couple shared intimate moments—singing Taylor’s chart-topping hits and stealing kisses. Love was definitely in the air!

Nitish told to outlet , that “Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce seemed to be having the times of their lives … and looking like they’re in the honeymoon phase of their relationship.”

As the singer and football player commanded the spotlight all night, Nitish reveals that “Taylor and Travis wanted to just have a normal night out in public with friends, family and teammates.”

Taylor Swift’s current relationship with Travis Kelce seems to be quite different from her previous one with Joe Alwyn. While her past romance was perhaps more private and low-key, her connection with Travis is now in the spotlight. Perhaps this change in dynamics contributes to the success of their relationship.

Travis, Nitish noticed,” isn’t very clingy or needy and Taylor’s very into him. The whole night Travis would be hanging with Taylor, then suddenly with his teammates and was just generally nice to everyone,” This is what Nitish is stating.

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