Tate McRae

Tate McRae is making waves nationwide!

The 20-year-old rising Canadian star kicked off Saturday Night Live’s weekend episode (November 18th).

The Think Later star delivered a performance of her TikTok hit “Greedy” with a killer dance sequence.

Later in the night, she debuted a new song titled “Grave.”

This week, Tate premiered her new song and video for “Excuses” and teased a snippet of a new song at the end of the video.

“You dig a grave so deep / You pull me down and start to take me underneath with you / With you, with you, with you,” she sings.

Her second album, “Think Later,” is set to arrive in early December.

“I think the identity of a pop star is how iconic they are: Madonna, Britney [Spears], Christina [Aguilera]; they’ll host these shows and blow everyone away and create timeless art. And that’s what I want to do: make timeless art and put on timeless shows—and keep trying to do that,” she told Billboard.

Watch the performance…

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