Sydney Sweeney feels the same way about romantic comedies as Julia Roberts?

Sydney Sweeney has recently shared that she has a particular romantic comedy that holds the top spot in her heart.

In a recent chat with MTV UK, Sydney Sweeney, the star of “Anyone But You”, shared her deep affection for romantic comedies. According to Animated Times, she disclosed that rom-coms are her all-time favorite genre to watch.

When questioned about her top pick for a romantic comedy, the star of “Euphoria”, Sydney Sweeney, didn’t hesitate to name “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, a classic film starring Julia Roberts.

She emphatically stated, “I’m not even lying when I say it’s My Best Friend’s Wedding,” The 26-year-old actress was quite adamant about her choice.

The acclaimed actress continued, “Which is so cool because we got to see it with Dermot(Mulroney). And he hadn’t seen the movie since the premiere and it was the most special, beautiful experience.”

In December 2023, Julia Roberts made a comment that is being echoed now. She was a guest on the show “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen”. During her appearance, she was questioned about which romantic comedy she loved the most.

Reacting to the question, the star of Pretty Woman expressed, “That’s a really good question and I’ve never been asked it.”

Subsequently, Julia disclosed her favorite to be ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’. This romantic comedy from the 90s starred Julia Roberts herself, along with Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, and Rupert Everett, as per the findings of Daily Mail.

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