Sophia Bush, Grant Hughes fight over prenuptial agreement

Sophia Bush and her ex-husband Grant Hughes are presently experiencing disagreements over their prenuptial agreement. This highlights the complexities that can arise even after a divorce has been finalized.

As per the latest court documents cited by PEOPLE, Grant believes that the “Unity Agreement” between the former couple should be annulled. However, Sophia Bush, known for her role in One Tree Hill, is firmly advocating for the agreement to be maintained. This situation underscores the complexities involved in the dissolution of their marital contract.

In his latest legal submission, Grant has appealed for the mutual, temporary restraining order – a common feature in many divorce proceedings – to be lifted. This is so he can invest $300,000 in real estate, specifically in storage facilities located in Oklahoma. This highlights the financial implications of their ongoing legal dispute.

This recent development follows the initiation of divorce proceedings by the 41-year-old actress six months earlier in August. At the outset, the couple, now separated, had come to a mutual understanding that there would be no requirement for spousal support from either side. This agreement highlights the complexities involved in their ongoing separation process.

Following her separation, Sophia has entered a romantic relationship with Ashlyn Harris, a former soccer player. Interestingly, Ashlyn is also navigating through her own divorce process from Ali Krieger, a fellow veteran of the US Women’s National Soccer Team. This highlights the personal transitions both Sophia and Ashlyn are currently experiencing.

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