Sharon Stone Opens Up About Her Dating App, Experiences Disastrous Meetup

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Sharon Stone is venturing into the world of online dating, and she’s quickly learning a truth that many millennials are already familiar with – people often fail to meet the expectations set by their online profiles.

In a recent interview with The Times, the acclaimed actress shared her experiences and challenges with online dating. Stone expressed her hope that 2024 might be the year she finds genuine love.

Thus far, Sharon Stone’s online dating journey has led her to encounters with quite a few sketchy dudes , a reality that wouldn’t surprise seasoned users of dating apps.

The experiences Stone shares seem to go beyond the typical disappointments of online dating, like someone lying about their height or job. It appears that Stone has had the misfortune of crossing paths with some particularly unpleasant characters.

For instance, Sharon ended up dating a man who she later discovered was a convicted criminal. Another date turned out to be someone who, in her words, was “clearly 20,000 heroin injections later than the picture he sent me”. Clearly, these were not the kind of men she was hoping to settle down with.

As for the more promising matches, they occurred during the pandemic, and Sharon never got the chance to meet these men in person. Essentially, Stone found herself playing the role of a “therapist” to a recently divorced man and another who had just gone through a breakup after his girlfriend had an abortion. Despite the circumstances, Sharon found these conversations to be “rewarding”

Sharon, who is 65, clarifies that she’s not using dating apps like Bumble for casual hookups. She humorously suggests that men are not particularly discerning, likening their readiness to engage with a “warm can of beans”, so she doesn’t really need to try for sex.

However, Sharon is in search of a meaningful relationship. She doesn’t have a specific checklist for her ideal partner, but she believes she’ll recognize the right person when she encounters them. She’s not in a hurry to find love – having been married twice and with three children to consider, she intends to take her time in this pursuit.

Best of luck, Sharon! Just a friendly reminder to be cautious of any potential wardrobe mishaps on your first dates, especially considering the kind of matches you’ve been encountering.

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