Selena Gomez has reunited with her ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ co-star for the sequel

The much-loved Disney Channel comedy from the 2010s, ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, is set to return to television with a sequel. Selena Gomez and David Henrie, the original stars of the show, are reuniting for this new project.

The news of the sequel was confirmed by Usnewsdaily, revealing that Disney has already commissioned a pilot episode.

The official synopsis of the series from Disney Branded Television reveals that the story resumes after an unusual event at WizTech. The character Justin Russo, now an adult, has abandoned his wizard abilities to lead a regular life with his wife and two children.

The plot thickens when a potent young wizard, in need of guidance, unexpectedly arrives at Justin’s doorstep. This forces Justin to confront his past to safeguard the future of the Wizard World.

Both Henrie, aged 34, and Gomez, aged 31, will take on the roles of executive producers for the series. Gomez, who originally portrayed the mischievous teenager Alex Russo, is slated to make a guest appearance in the pilot episode.

Henrie, who was known for his role as Alex’s virtuous elder brother Justin Russo, will return as a regular on the show.

The pilot episode will also feature additional cast members including Janice LeAnn Brown, Alkaio Thiele, and Mimi Gianopulos.

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