Queen Camilla ignores royal tradition as King Charles undergoes planned surgery

In a departure from royal protocol, Queen Camilla was by King Charles’ side as he underwent a planned prostate surgery last Friday.

Reports from the UK media indicate that Queen Camilla’s presence at the hospital with the king marked a significant deviation from the usual royal customs.

As per the Daily Express UK, it’s uncommon for a royal spouse to accompany their partner to the hospital. It noted that the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip typically attended medical appointments independently.

The report also mentioned that Queen Camilla remained at the hospital until she received confirmation from the medical team that King Charles’ surgery had been successful. This act further underscores the break from tradition and highlights the supportive role Queen Camilla played during this critical time.

In the meantime, Queen Camilla took a moment to update the press about King Charles’ condition outside the hospital, reassuring everyone, “He’s doing fine, thank you.”

Previously, the palace had released a statement saying, “The king was this morning admitted to a London hospital for scheduled treatment.

The statement also conveyed the king’s gratitude, “His Majesty would like to thank all those who have sent their good wishes over the past week and is delighted to learn that his diagnosis is having a positive impact on public health awareness.”

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