Peter Crombie, Who Played ‘Crazy Joe Davola’on ‘Seinfeld’, Dies at 71

Peter Crombie, who played the popular character “Crazy” Joe Davola on “Seinfeld”, has died … According to TMZ reports.

The actor died on Wednesday from an illness that took him fast, his ex-wife Nadine Kijner said. It’s not clear what he was suffering from — the other details about his death were not known right away.

Peter is best known for his role on “Seinfeld” … his character “Crazy” Joe Davola was in 5 episodes in season 4 … with Joe harassing, following and threatening Jerry Seinfeld and even going out with Elaine at one time.

Besides his “Seinfeld” fame, Peter was in movies like “My Dog Skip,” “Natural Born Killers,” “The Blob,” “Se7en” and “Rising Sun,” “Born on the Fourth of July” … and more. He did a lot of TV work, too … appearing on some big shows over the years.

Peter also acted in the TV miniseries “House of Frankenstein” … and had guest roles on TV shows like “NYPD Blue,” “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “Diagnosis Murder,” “Law & Order,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Spenser: For Hire,” “L.A. Law,” “L.A. Firefighters” and many more.

He had 35 acting roles in total … and it seems like he quit showbiz around 2000.

Peter’s ex-wife says … “He was the nicest most thoughtful, giving, kind man. He was loved by everyone, generous and never had a bad word for anyone.”

His friend Bill Stetz says Peter was “a gentle and faithful friend of soft speech and creative work as an actor and a writer.” Peter was 71.

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