Meek Mill’s Outburst Over Social Media Comments

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Meek Mill responded angrily slammed on social media to a fan who doubted his statement of making $100 million in his decade-long career.

The rapper, known for his hit “Going Bad”, posted a tweet on platform X, “I made over 100m in my life…I feed my community and my family and change laws that send black and brown men to prison systematically.”And I been on a 10 year success rate of the 1% of black men … why should they listen to you lol.”

However, a user questioned the truth of the claim, leading to an angry outburst from the Billboard-winning artist.

“Why are people so judgmental with nothing going on in their lives positive? I need answers, it’s some real crab in the barrel people pushing this tear your own people down narrative. It’s like looting your own community… focusing on yourself is very rewarding!”

However, this isn’t the first time Meek has been involved in such online shenanigans.

He asked last week, “Do a lot of people play my music in South Africa I remember having on big show their [sic] few years back … how do yall listen to our music in South Africa???? On what platform or in Nigeria?”

However, some people were upset by the 36-year-old’s question.

One user responded humorously, “Well, it depends on the season. In summer we hear it through the trunk of an elephant. In spring the giraffes catch signal and play it out loud. You get me?”

Another user humorously remarked,”Normally, we use rocks, but on a good day, we use trees, or we get one person to sing for the whole village.”

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