‘LIZZIE MCGUIRE’ Reboot Writer Reveals Adult Themes … Here’s Why It Was Scrapped

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The “Lizzie McGuire” reboot was definitely not for kids — something we’re finding out in more detail … now that one of its writers is revealing the secrets.

Jonathan Hurwitz — who was working on the show for Disney at the time — went on TikTok to explain what they were writing, and what annoyed the Mouse House about the plot points. Basically, he says they were writing about a 30-year-old woman doing adult things … which were not always PG-rated.

Take a look at his highlights of things they were making Lizzie do in their return season — he says Hilary Duff would’ve been living it up in NYC … working as an interior designer while living with her handsome chef BF — who’d betray her with her BFF.

In their scrapped script, they had it where Lizzie then moved in with her parents in Cali … where she’d reconnect with Gordo … who’s got some big surprises for her — he’s engaged with a baby on the way!

Jon said that Lizzie would’ve gotten a text from her old high school crush, Ethan … and later crossed him off her “to-do” list after waking up in his bed — something he says that really annoyed the family-oriented people at Disney. No sex, please!

Two episodes had been shot before Disney+ canceled the project following creative conflicts between the streamer and Hilary … which was quite dramatic when it occurred.

Hilary revealed the decision on IG in Jan 2020 … saying she wanted the reboot to be a genuine depiction of who Lizzie would’ve been today — anything else would’ve been a disrespect to her. It seems like Jon agrees with that … noting, Disney wasn’t on board.

Of course, it’s heartbreaking that adult Lizzie never got the reboot she deserved … but perhaps nothing’s more disappointing, than finding out Gordo never ended up with her after all those years

What a missed opportunity

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