Kylie Jenner Stuns at Paris Fashion Week Amidst Age-Related Criticism

Kylie Jenner, the 26-year-old reality TV star, recently unveiled a new look at Paris Fashion Week, shortly after confirming her relationship with Timothée Chalamet. She made a striking appearance at the Jean Paul Gaultier show on Wednesday, donning a strapless, cream-colored, sheer flowing dress – a stark contrast to her usual bold, form-fitting ensembles.


Kylie complemented her ethereal, sleepwear-inspired outfit with high heels, minimal makeup, and classic Hollywood-style hair, creating a soft and elegant look. Despite her confidence and the clips she shared from the show, she faced some harsh criticism online, with some commenters suggesting she looked “old.”

Critics were unkind, with one saying she was “aging in dog years,” another guessing her age as 47, and a third accusing her of ruining her face. Despite the negative comments, Kylie continued to embrace the high fashion scene of Paris, possibly recognizing that her usual California style might not be as well-received in the fashion capital.

While Timothée Chalamet has accompanied Kylie to several public events since their relationship became public, she attended the Jean Paul Gaultier show alone. However, she was joined by a familiar face, Jordyn Woods, indicating that they have moved past Jordyn’s previous scandal with Tristan Thompson.


Interestingly, Kylie’s look was mirrored by many other celebrities and models at the show, all embracing the theme of simplicity and elegance. Among the attendees were Bella Thorne and Noah Cyrus, along with many others. Paris Fashion Week has attracted a host of stars this year, all eager to showcase their unique styles. The outfits and styles on display have been nothing short of spectacular.


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