Kanye West Snatches TMZ Reporter Phone Over Question About His Wife Bianca, Then Offers Her A Job !!

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Kanye West started the week on a quiet note, particularly when a TMZ reporter questioned him about Bianca Censori. The encounter concluded with a seized item and a stern talk.

A TMZ photographer was among a group of people following Kanye on Monday as he headed to Hollywood Blvd. for Charlie Wilson’s Walk of Fame event. She questioned him about various reports alleging that he’s “controlling” his wife and/or banning her from social media.

Admittedly, the initial question posed to Kanye, asking if Bianca had “free will,” was perhaps not the most tactful. This query instantly triggered Kanye, leading him to snatched the reporter’s phone and begin a verbal reprimand.


“Don’t come asking me your dumb ass shit. I’m a person, bro.” Kanye Said to reporter, “You think because you’re a white woman, you can walk up on me like that? Ask me about my wife, if she’s got free will? Are you crazy? This is America.”

“I’m a legend. I’m here to support Charlie Wilson. You come ask me some dumb ass shit about my wife. That’s my wife, you understand?” Kanye Added.

He continued,”You asked me does my wife have free will. Was that a dumb-assed, disrespectful question to ask a grown-ass superhero?”

At last Kanye Offering Job to reporter “What do you make a year? I’ll pay you double what they’re paying you. You wanna work for me instead?”

Despite the awkward phrasing, the question about Bianca’s freedom in her marriage is a valid one, given that it’s a subject that has been widely discussed in the media.

Kanye is quite sensitive when it comes to matters involving Bianca. So, proceed with caution!

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