Justin Timberlake Seething Over Britney Spears Drama Amidst His Music Comeback

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Justin Timberlake, the former NSYNC star, is reportedly upset that his musical resurgence is being eclipsed by the ongoing controversy involving Britney Spears, his ex-girlfriend.

According to an insider recently revealed to Page Six that the ex-NSYNC singer is “seething” over the re-emergence of issues with his former girlfriend.

Singers Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake PHOTO: Dave Hogan/Getty Images

“Justin had hoped the backlash from Britney’s memoir would’ve blown over by now so that he could focus on his new album, which he’s very excited about, but every day is something new,” the insider revealed.

The 43-year-old ex-*NSYNC star, Justin Timberlake, faced criticism in October 2023 after Spears, 42, revealed in her book, “The Woman in Me, ”that she had to undergo an abortion during their relationship. because he “definitely wasn’t happy about the pregnancy” and “didn’t want to be a father.”

After the release of “Selfish,” the lead single from Justin Timberlake’s upcoming album “Everything I Thought It Was,” fans of Britney Spears rallied to push her 2011 track, the same name “Selfish,” to the top spot on iTunes. This was a successful campaign in support of the singer, famously known for her hit song “Toxic.”

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears PHOTO: Lester Cohen Archive/WireImage

When Britney attempted to make amends with Justin and stated that her intention was not to “offend” anyone with her memoir, Justin responded quite publicly. During a concert in New York, he addressed the crowd saying, “I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to absolutely f–king nobody.”

The Pop Princess immediately responded to him on her Instagram account, where she wrote, “Someone told me someone was talking s**t about me on the streets !!! Do you want to bring it to court or will you go home crying to your mom like you did last time ??? I’m not sorry !!!”

Britney Spears PHOTO: Britney Spears / Instagram

The former Mouseketeers, after dating for three years, ended their relationship in 2002 under quite stormy circumstance.

Britney Spears and boyfriend Justin Timberlake PHOTO: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In his well-known song “Cry Me a River,” Timberlake famously accused Spears had cheated on him she later confirmed in her book. However, he did not acknowledge any allegations of his own infidelity.

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