Jeannie Mai is requesting the court not to uphold the prenuptial agreement, alleging that she was not given ample time to review it before signing

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Jeannie Mai is requesting the judge overseeing her divorce from Jeezy to reject the rapper’s request to enforce their prenuptial agreement.

The 45-year-old talk show host asserts in legal documents, as reported by usnewsdaily, that she didn’t have sufficient time to properly examine the prenup prior to signing it.

In her filing on Thursday, Mai further claims that negotiations for the agreement with the 46-year-old “Put On” rapper didn’t commence until a mere five days before their wedding in March 2021.

She contends that this rushed schedule raises serious doubts about the thoroughness and adequacy of the due diligence process, as well as each party’s ‘full and fair disclosure’ of their financial circumstances.

The former “Real” co-host, Jeannie Mai, has expressed “serious doubts” about Jeezy’s financial disclosures, alleging that he only provided a single personal financial statement with estimated values and tax returns.

She pointed out the lack of comprehensive supporting financial documents that would offer a clear and detailed insight into Mr. Jenkins’ (Jeezy’s real name is Jay Wayne Jenkins) financial status, including his assets and liabilities.

Given the hasty nature of the negotiation process and Mai’s valid concerns about her estranged husband’s financial disclosures, she is urging the judge to either reject Jeezy’s request to enforce the agreement or at least delay it until her team can investigate further.

The “Soul Survivor” rapper filed for divorce from the television personality in September 2023, and this isn’t the first time their prenuptial agreement has been scrutinized.

In December, Mai hinted at Jeezy’s infidelity. In a legal document obtained by TMZ, her attorney requested the court to enforce a clause in the prenup concerning unfaithfulness.

The clause stipulates that if either party engages in sexual relations, an emotional relationship, or suggestive communication with a third party, it would result in a substantial financial penalty for the unfaithful party.

While Mai brought up this section of the prenup, she did not reveal any specifics about the alleged infidelity, hoping to resolve the matter without public disclosure.

However, a representative for Jeezy refuted the allegations, assuring Us Weekly that any accusations of infidelity against Mr. Jenkins are entirely unfounded.

Last month, the former “How Do I Look?” stylist emphasized her desire to create an open, supportive, and safe environment for both parents to actively participate in Monaco’s life, provided safety is the top priority.

She insisted she was not restricting access to the child but was waiting for certain safety measures to be implemented when the toddler is under Jeezy’s care, such as securing firearms and ensuring caregivers are adequately trained.

The ex-couple first met in 2018 but kept their relationship private until the next year. Jeezy proposed with a large diamond ring in 2020, and they got married a year later.

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