For some reason, an odd man has climbed the Empire State Building to achieve the most unnecessary feat category – Jared Leto. In an attempt to explain the Scottish TikToker: Jared Leto, get down! Leto climbed the iconic building on November 9 to promote the upcoming tour of his band 30 Seconds to Mars. We’re not entirely sure what the person was thinking about participating in this, he spotted Spider-Man in Jared Leto on a building and immediately bought a ticket, but they might be there.

Jared Leto wrote in a statement, “Since I was a child, ‘the world’s number one attraction,’ the Empire State Building, has been my attraction.” “Not sure if it was a Guinness World Record, but this prestigious structure has always seized all possibilities in my imagination in one of the world’s greatest cities, built in just 13 short months, it has always been a powerful symbol of all possibilities in life for me.”

It’s noteworthy that Leto has a known tendency to climb buildings. According to TMZ, in June, he randomly chose a small route to Hotel de Rome in Berlin with TikToker Younes Zarou. See, we’ve heard that the band is called 30 Seconds to Mars, but we promise there are other ways to reach heights in reality.

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