A new romance alert has been revealed in Hollywood history! Glen Powell and Johnny Manziel, apparently friends, had their faces ripped together in the desert.

TMZ obtained video of Glen and Johnny hanging out last night at Casa Amigos Tacos and Tequila in Scottsdale, where Johnny Football had a VIP section.

People there say Johnny was already at the club when Glen showed up and joined the group.

We’re told it wasn’t a coincidence…Johnny and Glen clearly planned to hang out, and their group of about a dozen consisted mostly of hot girls.

Meanwhile Johnny was talking to several different women… and we’re told there was no drama and everyone was in good spirits, partying with JM and GP for at least a few hours.

Glen was in town to play golf in Wednesday’s Pro-Am at the WM Phoenix Open...Johnny wasn’t golfing, but he never denied a good time.

It’s an interesting pairing…Johnny won the Heisman Trophy at Texas A&M and Glen attended the University of Austin before moving to Hollywood. While the schools are fierce rivals, their dynamic resembles that of a protective older sibling looking out for the younger one.

As for who covered the expenses, that remains a mystery.

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