Dua Lipa shares a romantic dance With Mystery Man at ‘Masters of the Air’ Premiere Party

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Callum Turner was seen leaving the party last night, and some people noticed his and Dua Lipa’s dance– they asked him if they were dating or not.

He walked past them without a word — which is curious. If he wasn’t involved with her, you figure he’d just say so straight up … his silence here is pretty telling.

Dua Lipa seems to have a new romantic partner — or at least that’s how it seems from this slow dance she had with this hunk … whose identity might not be all that mysterious.

TMZ shared video of the British singer at an after-party in L.A. Wednesday night — where a secret party was happening to celebrate the “Masters of the Air” premiere. It’s a new limited show on Apple … and it has a lot of big stars, including Austin Butler, etc.


We don’t know why Dua was there — she doesn’t seem to have any connection to this show that we know of — but she was in the spotlight at the party that was happening at Avra in Bev Hills … the back door which was slightly open, leading to a room where Dua could be seen cuddling with a guy … and slow dancing the night away, for a short while.

They’re only moving here for a little — and at one point … it even looks like she may have tried to kiss him, but it’s hard to say for sure. It sure looks romantic, though.

The video doesn’t show the man’s face — but he has a dark suit on … and some people say, this could be an actor from the ‘MOTA’ show — specifically, another British guy Callum Turner.

He clearly attended the premiere too … and his suit looks very similar.

This may be a minor detail — but Callum’s all-black outfit seems to match our mystery man here … especially with the white collar showing as he and Dua go back to the party. We should mention … DL is said to be single again.

Dua Lipa and Romain Gavras PHOTO: Dominique Charriau/WireImage

She was in a relationship with director Romain Gavras last year, but they reportedly broke up last month.

If that’s the case, then she would be available … and CT is a good catch as a rising actor. Of course, their dancing could also be nothing serious … but it’s intriguing they’re so close here.


Anyway, Dua left the party through the same back door … and she was followed by another unknown guy — but not the one she was dancing with … he seems to be just a friend of hers. She looked like she had a good time … smiling from ear to ear.

If Dua and Callum are a new couple … it would be a big deal. She’s one of the biggest stars in the world — especially after “Barbie” — and she’s getting movie roles too now. We’ll see if they’re seen together again soon.

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