Blueface Alleged of Probation Violation, Vegas Judge Issues Warrant

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Blueface, currently in a Los Angeles jail, is facing additional legal issues. A judge in Las Vegas has ordered his arrest and extradition to Nevada due to an alleged breach of probation terms.

As per legal documents procured by TMZ, a bench warrant has been issued by a Nevada judge for Blueface’s arrest on the grounds of probation violation. It’s worth noting that Blueface is also serving probation in Nevada as part of a plea agreement he entered into regarding a shooting incident at a Vegas strip club.

As we previously mentioned, Blueface was given a suspended sentence in that case, which entailed a 3-year probation period and no incarceration, provided he stayed out of trouble. Additionally, he had an underlying sentence of 2-5 years, implying that any breach of probation could potentially result in him serving a few years in prison.

As for the specific actions that allegedly led to the violation of his probation in Vegas, apart from his arrest in California, which typically constitutes a violation, his lawyer has addressed this issue. Speaking to local media, the attorney pointed out another specific matter that the prosecutors are currently scrutinizing.

Kristina Wildeveld, Blueface’s attorney, informed 8 News Now that the alleged probation breach is linked to a cell phone video from a performance in Utah last December. The video seems to show Blueface inviting a woman on stage and instructing his fiancée to “get her” as she proceeded to attack the woman.

Locating Blueface shouldn’t pose much of a challenge for law enforcement. As previously mentioned, he is currently detained in Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles, where he has been for several weeks. This is due to a separate probation violation related to an assault case in California.

Blueface is not due for release from jail until July, and the warrant issued in Las Vegas could potentially lead to him serving additional time in Nevada.

His attorney has informed the media that Blueface is cooperating with the authorities and intends to surrender himself to the Nevada officials once he completes his sentence in California.

The judge in Las Vegas had previously warned Blueface that she would not hesitate to incarcerate him for any probation violation. Now, he stands accused of just that.

If the situation doesn’t turn in his favor, it might be a while before he can return home. Our thoughts are with you, Chrisean.

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