Anne Hathaway’s Interaction with Fans Sparks Controversy Politeness or Rudeness

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A video that has recently come to light again shows Anne Hathaway declining to take photos with fans. This has sparked a discussion among her followers, with some questioning if her actions could be considered “rude”

In a video from 2022 that’s making the rounds again, Anne Hathaway, known for her role in “The Devil Wears Prada,” is seen briefly engaging with her fans. This happened as she was leaving the Valentino fashion show in Italy and heading to her car.

Anne Hathaway’s Interaction with Fans

She was spotted asking an excited crowd to settle down, using Italian to request calmness, all while making hand gestures to emphasize her point.

“I cannot take photos with everyone, But I will stand here and wave if you would like to take a photo. I cannot sign, there are too many of you.” Hathaway said.

“Mi dispiace [I’m sorry] but I want you to have something so if you’d like I’ll just wave a little bit. Thank you for understanding and thank you for waiting” she added.

The actress then expressed her regret to another fan, explaining that she couldn’t take a photo with them because it would mean she’d have to do the same with everyone else.

The reappearance of the video has led to discussions among fans about whether Hathaway, who is 41, was acting justifiably.

“Seems polite. She could’ve just walked away and snubbed them,” one person wrote on X.

Another person stated, “Very polite. Celebrities are not obligated to engage with fans.”

“At least she did it graciously,” a third chimed in, while,” third person added, Very polite, she could easily have ignored them.”

While many fans felt that the “Princess Diaries” star’s response was “respectful” and saw no issue with it, some had a different perspective.

“With how long she took to he condescending, she could possibly have signed and took the photos. She was being unnecessary,” One user on X pointed out.

“Condescending mostly,” another agreed.

“Rude and fake polite at the same time,” a third person wrote.

Hathaway is no newcomer to online criticism and has openly discussed the backlash she’s faced in the past, particularly when she garnered multiple awards in 2013 for her performance in “Les Misérables.”

During that period, the star of “The Intern” confessed that she had learned to steer clear of news outlets notorious for criticizing her, to prevent being caught off-guard by an unfavorable article about herself.

In her 2022 cover feature for Elle’s Women in Hollywood, Hathaway further contemplated the previous era of “Hathahate,” explaining how she had learned to move beyond it.


“I do my best to not be afraid of what others might say and just focus on enjoying my life.”

She further elaborated on her method of dealing with criticism at the Elle’s Women in Hollywood event, “She was given an opportunity to look at the language of hatred from a new perspective.”

“When your self-inflicted pain is suddenly somehow amplified back at you at, say, the full volume of the internet … It’s a thing,” Hathaway added.

When what happened, happened, I realized I had no desire to have anything to do with this line of energy,” Hathaway continued.

“On any level. I would no longer create art from this place. I would no longer hold space for it, live in fear of it, nor speak its language for any reason.”

“The Princess Diaries” star added, “Hate seems to me to be the opposite of life,” in which “nothing can grow properly.”

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