Alec Baldwin Pleads Not Guilty in Face of New Rust Charges

Alec Baldwin has chosen to avoid the spectacle of appearing via Zoom in a New Mexico court to respond to the revived charges against him. Instead, he’s decided to enter his plea from a greater distance.

The actor decided not to attend the scheduled court appearance on Thursday morning. He was expected to virtually join the Santa Fe County courthouse and express his stance on the involuntary manslaughter charge that was recently brought back against him.

Facebook/Serge Svetnoy

Instead of making a virtual appearance, Alec Baldwin has chosen to submit a not-guilty plea via his legal team. It’s a logical move, considering he’s already indicated through his attorneys that he wishes to resolve this matter done quickly and out of the spotlight.

Keep in mind, Alec Baldwin asserted last week his entitlement to a speedy trial, underlining his desire not to prolong this process more than necessary. He also has to comply with certain release conditions – abstaining from alcohol, avoiding illegal substances and firearms, and not leaving the U.S. without written consent… the standard requirements.


Now that Alec Baldwin has entered a not-guilty plea, the legal proceedings can move forward, and he will ultimately need to appear in court for the actual trial. Given that Alec has maintained his innocence from the beginning, it seems likely that he intends to contest these charges until the end, potentially in a jury trial.

Recently, Alec has received some backing, particularly from SAG-AFTRA. They issued a statement saying, “An actor’s job is not to be a firearms or weapons expert. Firearms are provided for use on set under the guidance of multiple expert professionals directly responsible for the safe and accurate operation of that firearm.”


It’s important to note that the District Attorney’s office had previously attempted to prosecute Alec, but the charges were dismissed… only to be revived again by a grand jury, presumably based on fresh evidence they believe strengthens their case.

Now that Alec’s not-guilty plea has been officially recorded, we can finally proceed with this matter.

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